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SkyWise Photography...Business with a Better View!

Drone Photography Connecticut

Drone panorama on the Conecticut River looking westaward at the Saybrook Point Resort and Marina and Fenwick Point at sunset during a summer evening

SkyWise Unmanned Aerial Solutions

provides drone photography and video for construction, commercial real estate, promotion, and marketing, as well as inspection services. We are a Connecticut drone photography and video business, but our drones have been serving New England and the Greater New York Area for over 4 years. We provide the best ground and drone photography and video to clients at reasonable rates. When you think "Drone Photography Connecticut," think SkyWise! Our job starts with you! We understand your needs by asking the "what, where, and whens," to produce deliverables that satisfy not only you, but your client, prospective buyers, and stakeholders.  We'll offer you options that make sense, add quality and valuable content, and improve your bottom line. Who doesn't like more money in their pockets? Providing our clients with exceptional deliverables is our commitment and guarantee and we're here to help! 

What's the great thing about a flying camera?

We can take it almost anywhere. We will provide you with ideas and services that work for your project! Our deliverables will help you promote and relay the visual information about your project in many ways. As they say, "A picture is worth a thousand words, and drone footage says it all!" Our Drone Pilots are safe, and possess a skilled mastery at flying drones. Whether we perform simple photography and cinematic video, or intense modeling and photogrammetry, we'll deliver a high-quality product that fits your needs, and provides value and a satisfaction guarantee. Experience Pays! With over 35 years in Public Safety and 6 years of flying drones, our Drone Pilots understand the need for safety and following a structured operating routine and better-than-industry operating guidelines. Our Drone Pilots are fully insured, FAA Part 107 Certified, possess the required authorizations throughout the New England and New York area, and have hundreds of hours of flight time. When you think "drone photography Connecticut," remember SkyWise for your photography and video needs. Contact SkyWise to get the right shot! Our company also provides 1st responder assistance and sUAS education to Public