Why use Drone for your Project?

Offsite Personnel, Clients and Stakeholders

Drones are a rapidly rising, necessary tool to maintain your market share in the construction industry.  Additionally,  the advancing accuracy and reliability of drone data with software integration are indispensable.  With this in mind, there are major benefits of using drones in construction during all phases of projects.  Not to mention, drone data is extremely effective at gaining a cost advantage over the competition.  Indeed, drone technology and software integration have revolutionized the way teams, off-site personnel, clients, and stakeholders are visualizing job-sites throughout every phase of construction.  Construction site managers are recognizing this more and more.  Equally, this data is even valuable to inspectors, local groups, stakeholders, and even local Fire Departments planning.  In fact, SkyWise drone data gives you a greater ability to analyze your job site in rapid fashion, with extreme precision.

Drone pnaoramic photo of construction site in downtown new haven Connecticut

A New Revolution

Notably, the Construction Industry is being revolutionized using drones to help improve the efficiency of site management.  With this in mind, Contractors must devote a great deal of time and legwork documenting progress, installations, asset management, timelines, and more.  Time is money, so why not use our time to help out?  By adopting drone use, your team and off-site personnel are able to view a dynamic perspective of the job-site, with the added bonus of providing update materials to clients.   At SkyWise, we are focused on delivering a high-quality product, with no-hassle, at a competitive price, and a satisfaction guarantee!  Our pilots are highly skilled, safety-oriented (follow a documented SOG / OSHA 10 Certified), and compliant with all FAA regulations and requirements.  More importantly, we are fully insured, have experience working on-site, and hundreds of hours of flight time.  From planning to completion, drone images and data visually document and monitor activities along the way.  High-quality drone imaging of your construction site aids in robust project and time management, saving dollars, and pleasing clients with better site monitoring and progress updates.

drone 2d orthomosaic image of a housing project in Trumbull Connecticut

Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly Drones Shoots

Document progress at regular intervals guarantees better QC/QA, especially in areas that are unsafe and hard to reach for people.  Drones aren’t just that “buzzy thing” in the sky, they actually carry exceptional cameras and other advanced payloads.  From cardinal direction images and architectural photos to time-lapse video, 360-degree spherical panoramas, 360-degree walkthroughs, and modeling, SkyWise will deliver the data you want.  Depending on your project, we’ll perform weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly drone shoots; you decide on the frequency that meets your needs.  Aerial inspections of your construction site with drones capture extremely useful data that will enhance your work-flow.  Are you starting to imagine all the benefits of using drones in construction?  SkyWise will capture this data every step of the way. 

drone cardinal direction photograph of brightview senior living during a fall sunny say in Shelton Connecticut

3D point clouds and Models

Incredibly, drone data from projects can be converted into 3D point clouds and 3D models.  By using photogrammetry, thousands of tie points from numerous images aid in stitching a point cloud together.  For one thing,  point cloud data tethered to GPS, and GCPs provide precise measurements.  SkyWise can then produce a highly accurate, importable model of your site for integration to your own BIM software.  “But that’s not all.…”  The point cloud data can measure cut/fill volume, overburden, distance, and generate DEMs.  Overall, this gives you a greater data-set to make informed decisions from planning to final inspection of your construction project.

skywise uas drone 3d model of housing complex


At an increasing rate, Contractors are leveraging drones in the construction industry to manage their projects efficiently.  This efficiency is leading to cost savings and a larger market share.  Visual communication of important and even critical information to teams, off-site personnel, and clients improves reaction time.  Drones add to the speed at which this can be done!  Documentation during major installations can avert and support legal claims.  Drone photographs and video of chronological changes of the construction site provides indisputable support and verification of completion.  This additional input will lead to better overall site management and timelines.  Better inspections lead to improved safety, asset allocation, reduce waste, detection, and resolution of issues, and prevent more costly over-runs.  Drones will help you accurately capture valuable data and reduce slack time and shutdowns, all to improve your bottom line.  Hiring SkyWise will provide a rapid ROI, we guarantee it!

Yup! You Need Drones.

Generally speaking, stop wasting your valuable time and money, and give us a call to set up regular drone inspections for your job-site.  Additionally, marketing departments can immediately use SkyWise’s professional footage.  Improve your communication with clients, personnel, stakeholders, and even grab some PR for your firm.  That’s like getting two for the price of one!  Collecting sire data and marketing materials all at the same time.  Contact us today and find out the benefits of using drones in construction!  We’re ready for your job!

Sunset construction architectural drone panorama in orange connecticut off of interstate 95 exit 41

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