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Using drones to produce images and photogrammetry, we can obtain a complete, overhead, high-resolution image by taking a hundreds, or even thousands of aerial images and sticthing them to gether (Orthomosaics) to produce valuable 2D or 3D models of an entire project area. This drone-imaging data provides orthomosaic and digital elevation maps, along with the ability to provide accurate volumetric measurements to get the detail you need without ever stepping foot on the site.

  • With limited contact and travel during the Coronavirus Pandemic, your office and field teams can stay connected by conducting inspections with Drone-based, 2D Maps.¬† This will allow your teams to track issues from identification to resolution.


  • Rooftop Inspections and Mesaurments¬†
  • Limited Contact Inspections, Evaluation and Resolution
  • Updated Accurate Aerial View for Legal Matters
  • Inspection of Equipment, Stockpile Inventory, and Site Management
  • Solar Insatallations
  • Deteriorating Building Inspection
  • Count Trees and Monitor Forest Health
  • Determibe Parking Lot Usage
  • Annotation and 2D/3D Modeling

2D Orthomosaic Site Images

Annotated Orthomosaic Reports

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Annotated Reports can be shared between department

Measurements & Digital Elevation Models

Modeling & Volumetrics

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