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Drone Time-Lapse Photography and Video

Present photographs and footage from unimaginable perspectives by scaling extreme heights and inaccessible areas. As they say, “go where no man (or woman) has gone before.” Professional drone photography and videos have an inherent advantage over simple ground photos or stationary webcams. The dynamic view from a drone can adjust to specific ongoing work that you need to be captured. There’s no way a stationary webcam can get you this footage. Rather than showing an event from a fixed point of view over time, drones capture a series of images or videos from many unique perspectives and blend this footage for these shoots into an evolving story, into a time-lapse video. SkyWise can do this linearly/cinematically or in a fixed orbit depending on the size of your site. Our time-lapse images can also be turned into a short video or GIF for your team to study or use on your website, to document progress, potential job-site or construction issues, capture marketing material, and assist with future warranty complaints.

Drone time-lapse photography and video provide a less hazardous way to visualize changes on your construction site, potential high-risk areas, reduce job-site accidents, and produce incredible marketing material. Drone high-resolution photos can pinpoint potential problem areas where advance planning could mitigate safety and logistics problems. The advantages are well documented in articles.

Time-Lapse Videos

Progression Images

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