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Our drone construction video updates are much more than a progress report.  Using our fleet, we capture video in 4k video and deliver  a virtual “site-visit” that can be shared with your team, as well as offsite clients and stakeholders.  This offers a clean video showing all the details of the ongoing work.  Once the video has been edited, it is uploaded to our private storage site and shared via access links, Youtube, Vimeo, DropBox or a storage area of your choice.

Drone-based construction video updates provide a short film that capture and captivates the viewing audience and delivers an incomparable viewDrone videos are a great way to generate anticipation and excitement over your project by taking you on a journey through the construction process.  In the end, you decide what you would like to do with the video, but they are great for promotional material, generating support, and reducing time spent on-site.

Aerial Construction Progression Video