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Drones present a less costly, secure way to provide site inspections and deliver real-time photo and video to off-site clients and stakeholders.  Aerial imagery delivers a dynamic view of your changing job-site, and decreases the need for workers to be placed in harms way to obtain specific data for reporting.  From simple cardinal direction photographs, to time-lapse video of your project and 2D orthomosaic images that can be used to determine cut/fill volumes, scheduled missions will enhance information required for reporting purposes and site management.  Let SkyWise drone imaging help maintain timelines, manage assets, estimate costs, stop errors from becoming more costly or even catastrophic, as well as increasing safety, which keeps your job-site running smooth.  Drone-based construction progression photos and video are a valuable tool in project development from the first site visit to completion.  Let our experienced pilots help you and improve your bottom line.

“The cost of the tool is low enough the quality of data we’re receiving is just intrinsically valuable when we see it.”

Ryan Moret
McCarthy Building Companies

Features & Benefits of Using Drones

  • Keep real-time tabs on projects
  • Easily reach hazardous locations
  • Spot potential issues before they become bigger problems
  • Keep you project on track
  • Generate high-resolution orthomosaic, elevation and 3D models in the same day
  • Contain cost overruns
  • Provides permanent record on the installation of various materials
  • Provide both a time and cost savings by rapidly connecting off-site teams, clients and stakeholders
  • Produce photo and video progress reports with volumetrics and orthomosaic annotated reports
  • Hyper-laspe (time-lapse) images or video of your job-site
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