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Drone technology and software are revolutionizing construction sites as a necessary tool for a multitude of reasons. Among these are highlighting your company’s expertise.  Drones present a less costly and secure way to provide construction site inspections, periodic construction updates, and deliver real-time photos, videos, and extremely valuable data to synchronize teams, off-site personnel, clients, and other stakeholders. 

Notably, we are in a period when Coronovirus has severely limited our travel and ability to coordinate on-site, our aerial imagery with drones in construction delivers a dynamic view of changing job-sites.  Additionally, it decreases the need for workers to be placed in harm’s way to obtain site-specific data for reporting. 

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drone orthomosaic image of construction project in orange connecticut

“Drones have become the go-to tool for Construction Firms to track, map, survey, inspect, and manage worksites more efficiently and safely.”

Dan Burton
Drone Base

construction worker using portable radio to communicate

Features & Benefits of Using Drones

  • Keep real-time tabs on projects
  • Easily reach hazardous locations
  • Helps spot issues before they become bigger problems
  • Keep your project on track
  • Generate high-resolution 2D orthomosaic, elevation and 3D models in the same day
  • Contain cost overruns
  • Provides permanent record on the installation of various materials
  • Provides time and cost savings by rapidly connecting off-site teams, clients and stakeholders
  • Produce photo and video progress reports with volumetrics and orthomosaic annotated reports
  • Hyper-laspe (time-lapse) images or video of your job-site

Drone 2d orthomosaic image of brightview senior living for PROCON Inc