Why use Drone for your Project?

skywise uas drone photograph at sunset looking west over brightview senior living in shelton connecticut

Drones in the Construction Industry are revolutionizing construction sites as a necessary tool. Regardless of construction project size, a contractor must devote a great deal of time and legwork to documenting construction progress. With aerial photography, your team and off-site personnel, clients, and stakeholders are able to view a comprehensive perspective of the job-site.  At SkyWise UAS, we are focused on delivering a high-quality product, with no-hassle, at a competitive price, and a satisfaction guarantee!  Our pilots are highly skilled, safety-oriented (follow a documented SOG), compliant with all FAA regulations and requirements, fully insured, have hundreds of hours of flight experience paired with construction site experience, and are OSHA 10 Safety Certified. From planning to completion, drone images and data visually document and monitor activities along the way.  High-quality drone data of your construction site aids in robust project and time management, saving dollars, and pleasing clients with better site monitoring.


These days, contractors are leveraging drones in the construction industry efficiently to manage construction projects. There are several great benefits of using drones in construction. Some of these are: documenting installation, viewing chronological changes of the site, managing and ensuring asset location, detecting, mitigating and resolving issues before they become time-consuming and costly, and helping you improve your bottom line by maintaining timelines and identifying safety or development issues. An additional benefit of drone data is using it for promotional and marketing material. At SkyWise, our drone data is professionally shot and edited so it can be immediately used by your marketing department. Drones will help you capture important data and reduce overall time and safety issues to workers. Your return on investment by hiring SkyWise will be immediately recognized! 

Drones aren’t just a high-quality camera

Document progress at regular intervals with drone photography and video flyovers, along with walk-throughs for a better QC/QA, especially in areas that are unsafe and hard to reach for a worker. From cardinal direction images and architectural photos to time-lapse video, 360-degree walkthroughs, and modeling, SkyWise can help you capture the data you want. Depending on your project, we’ll perform weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly drone shoots; you decide on the frequency that meets your needs.  However, drones aren’t just a high-quality camera. Inspecting your construction site with drones can capture extremely useful data, especially when paired with GCPs and software that can be integrated into your own work-flow. SkyWise will capture this data every step of the way. 

skywise uas drone 3d model of housing complex3D point clouds and Models

Drone data from your project’s site can be converted into 3D point clouds and 3D models that can be imported for integration to your own software. An added value is that digital elevation models can be acquired, cut/fill and overburden volumes can be determined, highly-accurate linear measurements can be obtained, and all of these can be annotated on. Overall, this gives you a greater data-set to make informed decisions from planning to final inspection of your construction project.

Offsite Personnel, Clients and Stakeholders

Drones in the construction industry are rapidly rising as a necessary tool to modernize your job site. The ever increasing ability and results from drones and integration with software is mind-boggling and extremely useful for grabbing that cost-advantage over competitors. Construction site managers are recognizing this more and more.  Drone technology and software integration have revolutionized the way teams, off-site personnel, clients, and stakeholders are visualizing construction sites throughout every phase of construction. This data is even valuable to your project’s local Fire Department to plan for and with you in the event of an emergency situation. SkyWise drone data gives you a greater ability to analyze your job site in rapid fashion and with extreme precision.

skywise uas daytime drone panorama of the meridian design and build new haven truck terminal site in orange connecticut

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