Why use Drones and Other Tech-Services for Real Estate?

  • Real Estate listings with aerial images and video are "68% more likely to sell" than those without, and that rate is only increasing (MLS)
  • Drones offer a unique aerial perspective
  • Showcase listing's with a more encompassing view and proximity to local amenities
  • Showing drone images and cinematic video are a proven method to attract more leads, clients, and investorsĀ 
  • Get your listing on Youtube--Youtube ranks 2nd behind Google as a search engine
  • Additionally, less valuable time is spent "showing" and "Selling"
  • Return on investment increases
MLS Statistic for using drones images selling real estate
Drone photograph front yard of colonial-style home with barn during the Summer

Why Add 3D Interactive Virtual Tours?

  • Listings with 3D Interactive Virtual Tours sell up to 31% faster
  • They sell at a 4%-9% higher price
  • Provides a floor plan for the buyer
  • Offer potential buyers an interactive and realistic presentation of the listing
  • Buyers prefer listings with virtual tours
  • Interior Virtual Tours produce up to 95% more phone and 65% more email inquiries
  • "Leads from listing with dynamic views can improve up to 403%" (Matterport)
  • Add up to 49% more qualified leads
  • Engage viewers 300% more
  • Deliver an Open House 24/7/365
  • Time is money and a decrease in timeĀ 
  • A picture is worth a thousand words, and aerial images and video say it all
Matterport statistic for agents that win more listings